User Experience Design

 Please browse my case studies for a detailed view of my UX process and methodologies.



The assignment...

To redesign and create a cutting-edge, interaction-oriented website for the Canadian Coalition of International Cooperation.


Clearpath Robotics

The assignment...

A one week design sprint to help OTTO Motors design the world’s greatest airport baggage movement system.

Hi Screen Golf.png

Golf Links

The assignment...

Design a marketplace app that would help users instantly connect with others wanting to buy and sell used golf equipment.

Hi Screen Founded.png


The assignment...

This UX project set out to answer the age old question all business owners ask: ‘Should I Incorporate?"

Hi Screen Kinj.png


The assignment...

To come up with a user dashboard and search results page that would be used for the newly designed kinjunxion website.


The James Bond Museum

The assignment...

To redesign and optimize a website of my choosing with a goal to improve its usability and overall functionality. 


The Distillery District

The assignment...

Select a market in Toronto and design a web-based tool that would improve its customer’s experience and increase community engagement.